Not everyone has 4 roommates and can use their parent’s phone plan.

Meet David Owens, he’s an average 25-year-old, living and working in Dallas, Texas. Like most people his age, he has a fair amount of college debt after acquiring a degree he was told would be necessary to find a good job.

His degree is in Marketing, which after joining the…

Finally, some tips that work.

Having an active social life can be difficult when you’re an introvert who prefers to be home alone because you don’t want people to witness you knocking things over as you try to control your wild hands. It’s just so discouraging when you try to socialize with someone new, but…

Tab Parker

An alum of Chicago’s The Second City, iO, & other comedy schools. Began writing as a kid, when I was 10 I won an award for an embarrassing poem about dolphins.

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